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How I Built This (with Guy Raz)

How I Built This (with Guy Raz)

Update: 2020-09-16


How I Built This. It's the case-study story that Guy Raz, creator and host of NPR's How I Built This podcast, has been told many times. Today we'll flip the script on Guy and ask him: what led him to build his hit podcast? We don't stop there, we'll also get inside Guy's head and ask about some of the common themes among the stories he's heard. We'll ask about business as war, fear, building loyal fans, and what drives these founders...often "normal" people, toward success?

Plus, thinking about leaving this all behind the hot moment that countries begin accepting American passports? During our headlines segment, we'll share a list that already has my vote for the best title of 2020: 4 tropical places you can live well for less than 2000 dollars. (Anyone else working remotely bookmarking this)?

In our second piece: has the college education model finally met its match? Welcome to Google's newest venture: higher education. Google's new certificate program can be completed in just about six months, and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional college. Ka-ching! While large companies are already signing on to honor the certificate, we won't know its true value until we collect some solid data on the hiring rates of graduates.

Later, during our Haven Life Line, Francisco calls in with a question about expense ratios. Would switching from a high-to-low expense ratio account be a good move? Does that answer change for tax-advantaged accounts?

Of course, there will still be time for Doug's trivia.

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How I Built This (with Guy Raz)

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