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How This Nonprofit Founder Raised $300,000

How This Nonprofit Founder Raised $300,000

Update: 2022-07-29

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In this episode of Good Morning Gwinnett, I talk to Ryan Cox who and some of the young men in his program. Ryan has raised over $300,000 for his organization and I ask him how he did it. He shares some important tips that other nonprofits can take to help them raise funds for their cause too.

Ryan Cox is the Founder of Gwinnett Chatt Outreach. He was born and raised in Chattanooga Tennessee, hence the “Chatt” in the name of the organization. He tries to hold on to his Tennessee roots here and there. In moving to Georgia years ago, and living in Gwinnett County for over 10 years; Ryan has grown a passion for Gwinnett County and its residents.

As a resident of the county, Ryan began to notice a social justice gap within the communities of Gwinnett. Ryan is not one to play the blame game, he took action by volunteering, continuing to vote, attending local government meetings, and launching Gwinnett Chatt Outreach. He is continuously looking for creative ways to make a difference in his community, and bridge the social injustice gap.

As the founder of Gwinnett Chatt Outreach, Ryan’s goal is to help Gwinnett communities be healthy, well cared for, informed, and thriving. Ryan partners with community leaders, businesses, and the community itself; to develop and conduct public service programs. Ryan’s shared passion for Gwinnett County and the well-being of all its residents, is an extension of who Ryan is at his core.

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How This Nonprofit Founder Raised $300,000

How This Nonprofit Founder Raised $300,000

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