DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastHow To Ditch Dieting (Intuitive Eating Principle 1)
How To Ditch Dieting (Intuitive Eating Principle 1)

How To Ditch Dieting (Intuitive Eating Principle 1)

Update: 2020-06-30


Today I am kicking off a new 10 part series all about the principles of intuitive eating. Not only will I be rehashing the principles, but I will also be taking a deep dive into the implementation of these principles so that you can start applying them into your own life. First up are the four things you need to know in order to implement principle one of intuitive eating, also known as ditching the diet mentality.

Stop Blaming Yourself & Start Implementing These Principles

If you want to do the work and embrace the idea of rejecting the diet mentality and ditching dieting, this is an episode you cannot miss. It takes both internal cues and external health frameworks to help you avoid being in food jail and find a more peaceful way of eating. By getting clear of your past history with dieting and what it has cost you, and providing yourself with compassion, you can stop blaming yourself and start implementing these principles.

As a society, we are not acknowledging the downsides and risks of dieting and restriction. Intuitive eating can help you get clear on what you want your relationship of food to look like based entirely on what is right for your body. You are not a failure, it is the systematic oppression built into diet culture that is to blame.

Are you ready to stand up and stop being controlled by diet culture? Share how you are making peace with your history of diet culture and how you want to move forward with us in the comments section of the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Learn about the ten principles of intuitive eating and how to engage with them (4:22 )
  • Why principle one can cause cognitive dissonance and how to make it real for you (6:50 )
  • Tips for rejecting the diet mentality and staying true to that decision (10:04 )
  • The downsides of dieting and restrictions and how to open your eyes to it (15:30 )
  • How to avoid being overwhelmed by the first intuitive eating principle (23:06 )



“I am putting my focus and attention on things like facilitating intuitive eating for you, helping you find more peace with food and your body, helping you end the exhaustion around these things, and helping you get to a place that is more ease filled and less of a battle.” (3:08 )

“This is an unlearning and learning, this is not something we are going to do in a day. And it’s not something we can do by just reading it in theory, it is a practice. It is a living breathing practice because you are a living breathing human being.” (8:47 )

“You don’t know what you don’t know, and you probably didn’t know about what diet culture is until very recently, and that’s okay. We have to have that forgiveness for ourselves and that compassion for ourselves.” (13:35 )

“It’s not a lack of willpower that has gotten you to this point. It is not a lack of willpower that means you have struggled with maintaining a diet in the past. There is a lot here to have care and kindness and compassion for yourself about.” (22:51 )

“You are not the failure. Diet culture as a system of oppression is the failure.” (24:05 )



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How To Ditch Dieting (Intuitive Eating Principle 1)

How To Ditch Dieting (Intuitive Eating Principle 1)

Steph Gaudreau