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How To Handle A Crisis

How To Handle A Crisis

Update: 2022-04-01


Are you in a crisis? In this episode Joycelyn will share a specific process that will help you to transcend your crisis.

Some of the concepts and principles you learn in this podcast will be taken from the framework of Formative Spirituality. Formative Spirituality  includes three fields: formation science, anthropology and theology. This body of knowledge is the inspired teachings of Adrian van Kaam and Dr. Susan Muto. 

 Adrian van Kaam and Susan Muto describe Formative Spirituality as a systematic attempt to articulate the dynamics of formation, reformation and transformation in the context of Christian revelation. It provides a way of seeing self and others, life and world in light of who we most deeply are. In doing so we see through the eyes of faith in God and we are able to integrate being and doing, worship and work, contemplation and action. 

On May 1st Joycelyn will be releasing her companion E-book to this podcast entitled How To Handle A Crisis. She will go more in depth about the concepts in this podcast, she will also provide  How To Handle A Crisis journal pages so that you can use the pages to follow the process you will learn in this podcast. She will also provide spiritual practices, names of books and other resources and tools that will help you to transcend your crisis.

You can go to to pre-order the E-Book How To Handle A Crisis for the discounted price of $15. 

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How To Handle A Crisis

How To Handle A Crisis

Joycelyn L. Lewis