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How To Hate Exercise Less

How To Hate Exercise Less

Update: 2019-10-04


For some people exercise and movement have become synonymous with something that you do not want to do or something that will make up for other things in your life. Instead of viewing exercise as something that is embedded into your self worth or fear of getting bigger, I invite you to examine how this mentality has become engrained into your mindset.

Shift Your Mindset Around Movement

You don't have to exercise excessively in order to have good health and an improved mental state. If you want to come to a place where you feel better about your body, I invite you to try shifting your mindset around movement to find joy and the excitement in play instead of counting calories and viewing exercise as a transactional relationship. 

Instead of being scared of what will happen if you do not go intense, be willing to stop and take where you are in your life and your health journey into consideration. If you can broaden your view from exercise to movement, bring in the nourishing aspect of life and take into account the entirety of your wellbeing, you can let your innate knowledge be the guide to helping you enjoy movement and all of its benefits. 

Do you use intuition to guide your movement practice? Let me know in the comments on the episode page.


On Today's Episode

  • Tips for those who can't handle a lack of structure when it comes to fitness (11:16)
  • Understanding how our feelings drive our behaviors and how to change that (16:10)
  • Why you should adopt a new vocabulary of movement without the baggage (17:35)
  • Viewing food and movement as joy and play instead of calories or fuel (19:12)
  • How to broaden and expand your view of movement to find true wellbeing (25:40)



“I was afraid to stop doing any type of intense exercise because my fear was always getting bigger. And that fear of getting bigger, or not getting smaller, which is the flip side to that coin, really drove a lot of my behaviors.” (8:36)

“If you are the kind of person who has a trip planned and you are already freaking out about ‘where are you going to go, is it going to be open, what is the schedule going to be like, can you stick to your normal routines, what's going to happen if you can't do your usual workout, are you going to gain weight’, I think this is a chance for you to look at that.” (10:38)

“My role here with this podcast is to point out some of the obvious truths that maybe aren't so obvious to you because you haven't looked in it in that way.” (16:58)

“Movement doesn't always have to be structured and for time and pushing yourself to the max. So see if you can broaden this as a mindset of caring for your body and your mind instead of micromanaging what you see on the scale or punishing yourself for what you ate. Look at it as an opportunity to nourish yourself.” (26:51)


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How To Hate Exercise Less

How To Hate Exercise Less

Steph Gaudreau