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How To Know If You're The Problem - 1033

How To Know If You're The Problem - 1033

Update: 2023-11-011


Do you seem to attract really toxic people? Do you ever wonder if you're just picking the wrong people? Or could you possibly be the problem?

In today's episode of "The Chalene Show," host Chalene Johnson takes a closer look at relationships, exploring the recurrent patterns that might hint at an individual being the root of relationship issues. Do you often find relationships ending dramatically? Do you always place blame on the other party without introspecting? Chalene unpacks these scenarios and more, discussing signs like consistent blame shifting, viewing oneself as the perpetual "savior," hypersensitivity, and struggles with apology. Drawing connections between unresolved childhood attachments and adult relationship expectations, Chalene highlights the pivotal role of self-awareness in nurturing healthy connections. With a focus on self-reflection, kindness, and understanding, she emphasizes the mirror effect of one's self-treatment on interpersonal dynamics. Tune in for a transformative conversation on self-introspection's profound impact on our relationships.

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How To Know If You're The Problem - 1033

How To Know If You're The Problem - 1033

Chalene Johnson