How To Pick The Best Feeling Condom

How To Pick The Best Feeling Condom

Update: 2023-01-20


Do you have a love hate relationship with condoms?  You love the safety it provides to yourself and your partner but hate the insulating feel.  The size of the condom, the material it’s made of, and how thin it is; all play an important role for safety, comfort, and increased pleasure for both sexual partners.

Show Notes

When picking a condom that feels good and doesn't slip off, you want to know the following 4 important details:

  • The 2 different measurements are critical to a good fit. 
  • The 3 different materials provide varying comfort and feel.  
  • The difference between thick and thin.  
  • The safety of a .001mm condom!

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How To Pick The Best Feeling Condom

How To Pick The Best Feeling Condom

Ed and Phoebe Swinger