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How To Save America

How To Save America

Update: 2019-04-1721


Now that you're scared, let's talk about how to save America.

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Comments (34)

Ryan Kennedy

You can tell who didn't listen to the entire episode because he gets pretty unbiased and gives liberals that are out of touch with gun owners and rural American a lot of shit.

Sep 14th

Mario A.

like these different view points

May 7th

Jayme Galdieri

I was really enjoying this series until this episode where you essentially bash the Right for everything. Bye.

Jun 12th
Reply (6)

Chris Hurst

"Not only is that number... Nice!, but" - the absolute madman!

May 15th


I'm telling Joe! good thing he doesnt advocate violence!

May 7th

Jerry Hampton

Joe Rogan is a national treasure he has done more to dispel Alex Jones than any lefty attepts at silencing him never will. Trying to sensor someone like him only makes him stronger 1 and 2 it sets a really bad presidence. short sighted people always forget that the pendulum always swings the other way.

Apr 29th
Reply (4)

Greg Alderman

We should all listen very carefully. Regardless of how crazy his/their view is, we should always listen to how dangerous people think. If you think the left will create a utopia by forcefully silencing others then you are willfully ignoring the past 1937-1943. Its ironic that they call Trump Hitler. We The People don't forget. Let's never let that happen again

Apr 26th

David Weaver

if you are putting Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones in the same category you have never Listened to Ben Shapiro for more than one podcast!

Apr 26th

Jerry Hampton

lost alot of people with this episode.

Apr 26th

Daniel Willis

I have really enjoy this "What if" exercise up untill this episode. It was disappointing, devisive, and calls for people who obviously have huge audiences for a reason to be blocked, and ignored, rather than presenting counter ideas. So, ok i'm out it was fun and i thought you were doing a great job of speading blame around accurately. Now i think this is as far as I can go. Have fun fellas, "spoiler alert" in the end a proper utopian, left wing socialist, will spring up to make every thing ok just like in French revelution and the country will be a completely fair place and wonderful place.

Apr 25th
Reply (1)

Paulie n. SD

Wow! The causes of a second grade Civil War are: A. Conservatives. B. Rural American citizens. C. Ex-military.. Amazing. To fix the issue, you recommend deplatforming Ben Shapiro, Alex Jones, Milo Yanopolis and every other person you disagree with, which just happens to be just about every conservative podcaster that is growing in America today. Silence the voice of the right, placate the people and do whatever you want. My God man, do you even listen to what you're saying? I gave it all the way to this most recent episode to comment again. however, as a conservative who lives in a rural area and is ex-military, I find your comments extremely bigoted and biased. I absolutely support your right to speak, the same as I do all those people that you just recommended be deplatformed. But you really don't get it. none of the people you named is advocating violence. As a percentage of the population that were violent, all the ex military and ex police officers make up 0.00 1% of the crimes committed, and you use that as your justification to treat us all as chattel to be guided peacefully. I am an American, and I have a brain. I choose to use that brain for my own thoughts. it would be interesting if you actually spoke to Joe Rogan, or maybe Tim Pool and got their input on some of the stuff you're talking about. Rogan is a fairly hardcore leftist, not the right wing extremist you pretend he is. I don't even listen to most of these people, but when I hear them speak all of them make an extreme point of saying no violence, and not even to contact people that make egregious and outrageous statements. I feel sad that your opinions are so biased you don't even realize it is offensive. Wow. FWIW, I doubt many conservatives have listened this far and you are placing yourself firmly in an echo chamber.

Apr 24th
Reply (3)

William Beshlian

I disagree with the point that the Electoral College should be eliminated. Our founders devised it to further protect the rights of the individual which is a hallmark of a republic. We are a republic not a pure democracy. This nation needs a civics review.

Apr 23rd
Reply (2)

Bret Clikeman

what about the political instigating by China and Russia creating division with maybe wanting a civil war here statigicly

Apr 22nd

Pan “Yea it’s me” Samuio


Apr 17th

Steven Wells

activism and helping others is good and all. But Petersons message of self reliance and personal improvement should not be so easily dismissed. If people try to get thier own house in order before trying to fix the country maybe they'll realize that they do control they're own destiny and not blame all their problems on everyone else

Apr 17th

Mike kingan

he str8 says my plan to reach moderates and liberals.. idk man, love the pod tho but bias af

Apr 17th
Reply (2)
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How To Save America

How To Save America