DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastHow To See The Value Outside Your Body & Overcome Self-Doubt w/ Summer Innanen
How To See The Value Outside Your Body & Overcome Self-Doubt w/ Summer Innanen

How To See The Value Outside Your Body & Overcome Self-Doubt w/ Summer Innanen

Update: 2019-12-17


Summer Innanen is one of the pioneers in the multi-faceted and multi-layered body image and disordered eating realm. While paying homage to the women who came before her, Summer works to highlight a woman’s ability to embrace her body however it looks.  Summer believes that your purpose if more than just your body and is here today to help you see the value outside of your body and overcome self-doubt and fear. 

Truly Embrace Health At Any Size

If you want to help those marginalized through weight stigma and discrimination, are looking for a friend to address the total chaos and body shame prevalent in new motherhood or are searching for a way to break free from the diet culture system, Summer is the expert for you. The self-professed ‘anti-christ of weightloss’, Summer wants you to stop your unhealthy relationship with food and start loving your body for all that it is. 

All of the energy that you put towards constantly thinking about your body could be refocused into leading a more purposeful and passionate life and free up space in your mind for new thoughts and experiences. Once you embrace the fact that fat and thin are just mutual descriptors that hold no power over your ability to produce quality and substance you can truly embrace health at every size and become an advocate for treating yourself with kindness. 

Are you ready to expose yourself to body diversity and stop perpetuating the idea that thinner is better? Share what you enjoyed most about Summer’s attitude in the comments on the episode page


In This Episode

  • Exploring the nuance of intuitive eating, body image, and diet culture (23:40 )
  • Lifting the veil on disordered eating and body image in the ‘wellness’ community (28:50 )
  • The power of changing your social media feed to include larger bodies (34:00 )
  • How to challenge your beliefs surrounding life in a bigger body (39:30 )
  • Health-promoting behaviors that can help people of any shape or body (46:20 )



“It wasn’t about the food, it was about the way they felt in their body. And so really shifting my gears to focus on that has been something I am really so grateful for.” (13:42 )

“I really want people to know that they are more than their bodies. That we don’t need to make it about the body so much, we want it to be about what we have to say and our voices and our purpose.” (17:29 )

“I don’t know what is going to happen to people’s bodies. Their weight could go up, their weight could go down, it could stay the same. What we want to do is really create neutrality around those changes so they are not dictating our self-worth and how we feel about ourselves and our food choices and everything else.” (26:30 )

“It can be quite emotional and I think having someone helping you to process those things and see the deeper meaning and also the opportunities and the hope that can exist now that you are not a prisoner of that system.” (37:47 )

“Educate yourself on the link between weight and health and the success rates of diets. Because there is a lot that we can do with people’s health by taking weight out of the equation.” (43:46 )



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How To See The Value Outside Your Body & Overcome Self-Doubt w/ Summer Innanen

How To See The Value Outside Your Body & Overcome Self-Doubt w/ Summer Innanen

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