DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastHow To Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health This Election Day
How To Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health This Election Day

How To Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health This Election Day

Update: 2020-11-03


2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. With the pandemic and the uncertainty of the US election, it is more important than ever to take care of your emotional and mental health. This episode serves as your gentle reminder to take a moment to build up your emotional, mental, and physical resilience by being kind to yourself and others.

Key Takeaways

If You Want To Take Care Of Your Mental And Emotional Health You Should:

  1. Listen to what your body is asking for, meet yourself with kindness, and build up your resilience
  2. Calm your nervous system by reaching out to your support system, giving yourself a break, and surround yourself in comfort
  3. Get out and VOTE

How To Take Care of You

All of the unknowns in the world right not can cause anxiety and overwhelm. Don’t keep these feelings to yourself. Instead, find ways that you can calm your nervous system, reach out to your support systems, surround yourself in comfort, give your eyes a break, and talk kindly to yourself.

Your Vote Matters

Simply existing in America in 2020 is political. Health is political. It is easy to think that your vote doesn't matter. But in reality, we need everyone to get out and vote to hold up our democratic process. I recommend that you vote for candidates and laws that work for and protect the most marginalized and at-risk folks in our country because when we vote to support policies that help people rise up, we all rise up together. Your vote matters, and we need your voice now more than ever.

How are you taking care of your mental and emotional health right now? Share your favorite routines, self-care rituals, and anything else you are doing to feel more at ease with me in the comments section of the episode page.


In This Episode

  • How to focus on your resilience and give your body what it is asking for (4:50 )
  • Why you need to calm your nervous system and kick in your parasympathetic nervous system (5:20 )
  • The importance of talking kindly to yourself and meeting yourself with compassion (8:15 )
  • Why you need to get out and vote today to hold up the democratic process (9:40 )



“If you are feeling like this is all super much, you are not alone, at all. And I think it is important to normalize that these feelings are normal and it is okay to have challenging feelings, all emotions are valid.” (3:02 )

“I am here to encourage you to check in with yourself and take care of yourself.” (4:26 )

“Talk kindly to yourself, it is so so important. Negative mind talk and shaming is never motivating.” (8:27 )

“Please vote today if you can. I know not everybody can vote, but if you are able to, please vote. Please get down to the polling station, drop off your mail-in ballot, make sure it is postmarked. I know it can feel like your vote doesn't count, or you are just one voice, but we really need your vote.” (9:51 )

“Health is political. Existing in this country is political, and it touches everything.” (10:19 )



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How To Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health This Election Day

How To Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health This Election Day

Steph Gaudreau