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How To Turn Around Low Performance At Work

How To Turn Around Low Performance At Work

Update: 2020-09-281


Low performance at work is no good. It can be an indicator something is wrong. Often we need to make a change or pivot. Either you or your leader could notice or bring up the low performance.
Why you might have low performance:

Don't care
Personal life impacting work
Poor leader / leadership
Lack of support
Don't have the tools needed
Not aligning to the vision or bigger picture
Lack of plan or schedule
Poor communication
Not putting in the work / effort
Can't get motivated / lack of energy
Not being challenged enough / not working on the right projects or type of work
Little to no recognition / appreciation
Not being seen or heard
Doing too much
Cluttered physical space
Toxic work environment

What to do about it:

Ask yourself how you are feeling
Understand expectations / goals / KPI's /etc.
Create a plan
Assess if you're in the right role / working for right leader / in right organization
Do you need to take time off?
Delegate? Rebalance workload?
Ask for what you need to be successful
Set clear expectations
Communicate - bordering over communication efforts / progress
Track progress
Get your voice heard
Clean, organized, distraction free workspace
Follow through, follow up
Understand your impact
Do the things that fill your bucket
Ask for continuous feedback

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How To Turn Around Low Performance At Work

How To Turn Around Low Performance At Work

Stephanie Dennis