DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastHow To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality By Brown Landone (With Commentary)
How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality By Brown Landone (With Commentary)

How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality By Brown Landone (With Commentary)

Update: 2022-05-21


“How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality provides you with everything you need to know and do to achieve your ideal or vision. Here Brown Landone shows you: How it takes just five minutes a day to make you super-efficient, How to change a weak will into a strong will, How to form an ideal which will come true. In this book one thought deserves more than passing mention. During the centuries philosophers have sought the basis of the soul's faith in the unity of all things. Clearly to present that basis of unity is now, I know, Brown Landone's one great life aim. He may or may not succeed in making the world conscious of this unity, but at least the attempt in The Spirit of Matter comes nearer making us know that the spiritual and material world are one than anything written previously. With such a consciousness of the unity of all things of spirit and of matter, the faith is strong and the way is clear to make our ideals come true.” - Edgar H. Felix


What Desires Can You Make Come True? Can You, Yourself, Make Your Ideals Become Realities? Everyone wants abundance -abundance of all things! Every desire is the heart of some ideal. Your desires always come true. Your wishes seldom do; they die by consuming themselves in forever wishing wishes. A desire with a body or an ideal with a heart always becomes a reality! Every desire is the heart center of some ideal that is either revealed to consciousness and understood or hidden in the ultra-consciousness and misunderstood. The ideal is the active body of the desire. Do not expect your desire to come true unless you give it a body. Construct an ideal that gives substance to each desire. Make the ideal active; -endow it with the process of attainment. Then, it will become a reality! It will come true!


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00:00 Intro

01:57 Preface -The Man Who Worked Out The Process

06:51 Chapter 1 What Desires Can You Make Come True?

11:45 Chapter 2 Can You, Yourself, Make Your Ideals Become Realities

17:38 Chapter 3 What Compactness Of Matter Gives To Your Ideals

25:59 Chapter 4 What Attractive Energy Of Matter Gives To Your Desires

29:24 Chapter 5 What Movement In Matter Gives To The Body Of Your Desire

34:29 Chapter 6 The Only Three Activities Necessary

37:20 Chapter 7 To Attain Your Desires, All Three Must Be Used

40:57 Chapter 8 How To Form An Ideal That Will Come True

46:42 Chapter 9 Firing The Heart-Desire Of Your Ideal

51:22 Chapter 10 Giving A Body Of Etheric Substance To Your Ideal

55:29 Chapter 11 Giving Your Ideal The Impulse Of Action To Make It Real

59:32 Chapter 12 The Process That Makes Ideals Come True

1:04:56 Chapter 13. The Act Of Making The Reality Yours

1:12:14 Chapter 14 Where To Center Your Effort

1:17:31 Chapter 15 Idealized Things Make Fortunes

1:24:50 Chapter 16 A Billion Dollars By Idealizing The Movement Of Things

1:29:42 Chapter 17 Building Up A Successful Business

1:35:52 Chapter 18 Five Minutes Idealizing A Day Makes You Super-Efficient

1:40:30 Chapter 19 Turning Desires For Sales Into Actual Sales

1:45:26 Chapter 20 Land Values Increase 400% In Four Days

1:52:03 Chapter 21 Valueless Wet Lands Made Profitable By Idealization

1:55:45 Chapter 22 Obtaining In Reality The Ideal Position You Desire

2:04:19 Chapter 23 Advancement Depends Upon Idealizing Its Process

2:10:19 Chapter 24 Making A Solid Ankle Joint Flexible And Usable

2:19:58 Chapter 25 Healing A Dying Man Of Cancer Of The Stomach

2:26:11 Chapter 26 Curing The Aftermath Of Forty Years Of Repression

2:31:07 Chapter 27 Preventing Mistakes In Thinking

2:36:18 Chapter 28 Overcoming Forgetfulness -Idealizing Remembering

2:42:11 Chapter 29 Changing Weak Wills To Strong Wills

2:47:37 Chapter 30 Normal Means Of Attaining Spiritual Consciousness

2:53:32 Discussion









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How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality By Brown Landone (With Commentary)

How To Turn Your Desires And Ideals Into Reality By Brown Landone (With Commentary)

Brian Scott