DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastHow To Use Breathwork To Overcome Just About Anything w/ Josh Trent
How To Use Breathwork To Overcome Just About Anything w/ Josh Trent

How To Use Breathwork To Overcome Just About Anything w/ Josh Trent

Update: 2019-10-29


Despite what you may have been told, intelligence does not come from how much you know or how many books you have read. True emotional intelligence is something that comes from a willingness to learn and the desire to look within ourselves, which is something Josh Trent is incredibly passionate about.

The Power Of 6 Deep Breaths

The host of Wellness Force Radio and dear friend, Josh has undergone a transformation since we last had him on the show and is diving into the courage it takes to rebrand and the incredible healing power of breathwork on this episode. Josh has realized that you can’t force wellness and has become an advocate for the energetic and spiritual components of intelligence to find true happiness and inner healing.

Breathwork is free and can take as little as 30 seconds to alter your mindset and help you find an answer to feeling better. Whether you attach to the spirituality side of things or just get the benefits of stress reduction, Josh believes that breathwork is the key to providing a safe space for your nervous system to begin to heal. 

Instead of living someone else’s dream, Josh is here to inspire you to look within yourself through the three concepts of breathwork to live a sustainable life and find the answers and peace you have been searching for. 

Being honest with yourself and the people that you care about is what Josh is all about, and he is here to give you a glimmer of hope as you wade through the muck.

How does breathwork play into your ability to handle stress and develop your own emotional intelligence? Share your strategies with us in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • The power of taking six deep breaths to cope with uncertainty (22:20 )
  • The difference between the emotional contagion and collective consciousness (30:15 )
  • How to get your body out of panic state and into a calm state through breathwork (39:05 )
  • Embracing your ability to break the karmic chain and give unconditional love (45:03 )
  • Progressive and tactical things you can do to use breath to relieve stress (47:10 )



“Technology isn’t going to save us, it is not going to save the world. We can use it mindfully, we can help each other by using technology, but it became this gut-check moment where I was like, God I cannot speak about something that doesn’t feel true anymore.” (13:34 )

“If we are approaching a new threshold in career growth or a relationship and there is uncertainty there, it’s our ability to go through the uncertainty without doing the coping strategy that we know somewhere deep down in our heart isn’t good for us.” (22:01 )

“When we go to altered states, things come up that we are not aware of. I had always been aware of the safety piece of my life, but that was a turning point.” (35:49 )

“Really what it is is training your nervous system to be safe and to manage stress better through you cycling your own breathing.” (38:27 )

“Whatever we believe, we get to check in on how it makes us feel. And if this is all just a big video game, then let’s just believe things that make us feel good.” (56:08 )



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How To Use Breathwork To Overcome Just About Anything w/ Josh Trent

How To Use Breathwork To Overcome Just About Anything w/ Josh Trent

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