DiscoverMarketing Like a MotherHow UX Can Enhance Your Conversions
How UX Can Enhance Your Conversions

How UX Can Enhance Your Conversions

Update: 2023-05-21


This week on Marketing Like a Mother, Michelle is talking with UX copywriting expert Susan Reoch about all things user-friendly when it comes to your website, emails, funnels (and basically any other copy you use in your business!).
Susan has spent the last 10 years writing razor-sharp web and sales copy for everyone from local bookkeepers to She’s been featured in Copyhackers, Writers in Tech, Proceed with Passion and The Content Byte.
In this episode, Susan and Michelle talk about:
What User Experience (UX) is
How copywriting and UX are an unlikely match made in heaven
Susan's best advice for getting started using UX copywriting in your business
Using Design Thinking in your business to improve your results
And a whole lot more!

00:03 Exploring UX Copywriting
02:24 Role of UX and Copywriting in Enhancing User Experience
04:11 Conversation on the Benefits of UX in Digital Marketing
05:54 Marrying UX and Copywriting
07:47 The Merging of UX Writing and Conversion Copywriting
09:11 Conversation on UX and Copywriting Techniques
10:44 Exploring UX Copywriting for Small Businesses
16:42 Exploring User Journeys for High Ticket Services
19:19 Conversation on UX Testing and Evaluating User Experience
21:12 Using Data to Improve Business Success: Tips and Tricks for UX Design
24:15 Exploring Design Thinking and UX Principles for Online Businesses
26:00 Exploring UX Copywriting
27:26 Heading: UX Design Tips for Busy Business Owners

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How UX Can Enhance Your Conversions

How UX Can Enhance Your Conversions

Michelle Pontvert & Olivia Radcliffe