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How We lost Weight without Dieting - 1024

How We lost Weight without Dieting - 1024

Update: 2023-09-29


Why is weight loss so hard? Wouldn't it be amazing if you could drop an extra five pounds without even trying? What if you could lose weight without counting calories, macros or extreme workouts? Well, it is possible!

In this episode of The Chalene Show Podcast, Chalene Johnson shares how she embraced a balanced, holistic lifestyle, prioritizing mental well-being, intuitive eating, and metabolic flexibility. Why she turned away from processed snacks, welcomed whole foods, and started focusing more on how her body felt rather than the numbers on the scale.

Her approach is about achieving a sustainable, joyful lifestyle, intertwined with self-love and a positive body image. Learn how Chalene and her husband, Bret, fostered mutual appreciation, deeper connections, and embraced indulgences guilt-free, such as their love for French fries, and debunking the notion of “cheat meals”.

Chalene adopted lifestyle habits like ‘diet phasing,’ allowing her eating patterns to be fluid and adapt to her environment and routines, rejecting restrictive diets. During their European travels, they observed and embraced the active lifestyle of the locals, incorporating more walking and meaningful conversations into their daily lives, enriching not just their physical health, but also their relationship.

It's not about being consumed with “doing everything right,” but about releasing stress and embracing a harmonious, adaptable approach to life, food, and relationships. 

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How We lost Weight without Dieting - 1024

How We lost Weight without Dieting - 1024

Chalene Johnson