DiscoverLinkedIn with LouiseHow corporates can leverage LinkedIn, with Keith Lewis
How corporates can leverage LinkedIn, with Keith Lewis

How corporates can leverage LinkedIn, with Keith Lewis

Update: 2021-01-20


Should employees in larger organisations use LinkedIn? What happens in terms of compliance, and especially in fields like insurance, which are thoroughly regulated?

This week on the podcast, I interview one of my LinkedIn connections, Keith Lewis. Keith is the Social Media Manager and Employee Advocacy Lead at Zurich UK, a world-renowned company operating in the field of insurance. In his role, Keith educates and enables Zurich employees not only to better understand the world of social media but also to actively participate and share content. By empowering staff to regularly post content on social media, Zurich have consistently increased their reach on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

So should someone working for a big organisation only share content related to that company or the industry? According to Keith (and I couldn't agree more), certainly not. As long as staff receive appropriate training around what can and cannot be shared on social media, there's definitely room for authenticity and personality. Sharing content that is more centered around you (hobbies, family, and life in general), as long as it's done mindfully, helps others connect with you over shared interests and keeps you front of mind.

Keith and I also discuss the topic of employee advocacy. Content about a company - about the way they work, the sector, industry news, etc. - can be shared via official sources, like a LinkedIn company page or a Twitter account. But using the power of your engaged employees to boost the company is certainly much more powerful and far-reaching. So if you work in a large organisation and are wondering how you can leverage LinkedIn, both for your company and for yourself, don't miss this episode!

You will learn…

  1. About the difference between a LinkedIn company page and the new My Company Tab on LinkedIn.
  2. Why staff social media training is key when it comes to navigating complex compliance issues.
  3. How you can leverage your employees to boost your organisation.

About Keith

If you’d like to connect with Keith, you can find him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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How corporates can leverage LinkedIn, with Keith Lewis

How corporates can leverage LinkedIn, with Keith Lewis