DiscoverPost ReportsHow law enforcement failed on Jan. 6
How law enforcement failed on Jan. 6

How law enforcement failed on Jan. 6

Update: 2021-11-016


In the days leading up to Jan. 6, mounting red flags tipped law enforcement agencies off to the coming violence. Why did they fail to act?

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All year, journalists at The Washington Post have been seeking to understand: How did the insurrection on January 6th happen? Why wasn’t it stopped?

A new three-part investigative series by The Washington Post reveals how law enforcement officials failed to heed warnings of violence on Jan. 6., the bloody consequences of President Donald Trump’s inaction during the siege, and how a deep distrust of the voting process has taken root across the country.

On Post Reports, we’re taking you behind the scenes of this mammoth reporting project, talking to the journalists who worked on it about what they learned and how.

On today’s episode, we look at what law enforcement agencies knew about plans to storm the Capitol and when they knew it. And we try to understand why little was done even after terrorism experts across the country met to discuss the coming riot. 

Investigative reporter Aaron Davis takes us inside the failures of law enforcement leading up to the attack on the Capitol. 

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How law enforcement failed on Jan. 6

How law enforcement failed on Jan. 6

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