How to Be Influential with Renee Knorr

How to Be Influential with Renee Knorr

Update: 2022-09-25


Renée Knorr Leading International Beauty & Fashion Influencer, is
the founder of the The ReKnorr Group, Global Women Wealth
Warriors and GW3 Magazine, a Marketing Firm and a Wealth
Wellness Hub founded in Atlanta, Georgia. She is an artistic
visionary whose ability; uniquely creative talents and
outstanding reputation have made her a tremendous
success in the lifestyle arena.
Knorr is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, who came to
Atlanta and made a huge impact in business, fashion, and
the beauty industry. She evolved from a VP Executive Banker
Fashion and Beauty Editor, and an International Runway Model
with Ebony Fashion Fair, Producer of Luxury Events at The Reknort
Group, to founding a Women & Girls Financial Literacy and Heath
Wellness resource hub to help women through financial literacy and
health wellness training.
Knorr has been recognized as 'One of the Most Influential Women' in
Georgia. She has been featured in numerous publications for her
unwavering Women Empowerment and Leadership activities: Who's
Who in Black Atlanta (3 times), People You Need to Know, Atlanta Business Journal's, Women Looking
Ahead, Women of Wealth, Viva International, Season's, Sheen Magazine, Chy'Ann, and Ebony & Jet.
Knorr's approach to branding, beauty and fashion has cultivated thousands of people around the world to
be more confident and courteous in life and business, education and social situations. She has received
Model of the Year Award, WEN's (Women Empowerment Business) Diamond Award, People You Need to
Know Business - Superstar Award, Giving A Hand - Certificate of Excellence in her Humanitarian works, and
WILDE - Leadership & Service Award to name a few. She has worked with leading Fashion ICONS such as:
Oscar De La Renta, Emmanuel Ungaro, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mossimo, Linda Bezuidenhout, Tadashi,
Bramer Leon Couture, Giovanni, Sherry Hill and Halston to name a few. For more than a decade she has
provided communication, sales and leadership training programs, keynotes, and executive coaching to
Fortune 500 companies, universities and national conferences.
Knorr is living her destiny as a Mother of her beautiful daughter in college while inspiring others at Global
Women Wealth Warriors. She is a non-profit ambassador for several organizations, writer, spokesmodel
and a public speaker. She fulfills her assignment in creating more leaders in the community. Every year, she
works with 100 boys and girls of underrepresented students in giving back. Knorr thrives in living a life of
excellence. She states, "In creating your own success, sometimes we have to go through some things that
may not be comfortable, but it is essential in building a strong legacy."

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How to Be Influential with Renee Knorr

How to Be Influential with Renee Knorr

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