How to Be Sick

How to Be Sick

Update: 2018-05-01


You got the big job, you're gearing up for the day, and all of the sudden you feel a tickle in your throat. Next thing you know you have the full blown flu/cold/food poisoning. You can't control things like this but you can prepare for them. In this episode Kimi and Lou share some of their experiences in dealing with sickness during important jobs + their tips for getting through it.

SHOW NOTES: Here are some tips from Kimi + Lou on how to keep your cool when you're not feeling so hot.

From Lou:

  • Don't eat spicy, raw, or other stomach challenging foods the night before traveling, or doing a gig.
  • Don't get drunk the night before. Sleep is the best way to keep your mind sharp and maintain a cool disposition to manage the inevitable chaos that comes with every job.
  • Speaking of sleep. If you do get sick on the job, get as much as you can. It's how the body fixes itself.
  • Wash your hands often, there's no better transmitter of sickness than shaking hand then touching your nose or rubbing your eyes.Everyone should always carry the following in their travel/gig bag: 
  • Advil
  • Motrin (anti inflammatory - good for hangovers)
  • Pepcid AC (antacid)
  • Imodium (diarrhea)
  • Antihistamine (Claritin-D good for itchiness or other histamine reactions like stings.)
  • Decongestant (one with pseudoephedrine like Sudafed that will dry you out so you can work.)
  • Tampons (even if you're male, you will be asked one day, trust me on this)
  • Mints (if you do vomit on location and you can't brush your teeth, swish, spit, and mint.)

From Kimi:

  • If you feel a cold/flu coming on, start eating raw garlic like it's no one's business. Crush a clove and let it sit for 15 seconds + then swallow it whole, or cover in honey if you can handle the taste.
  • Make sure you drink a lot of water 
  • If you have food poisoning, activated charcoal is going to be your best friend. You can by tablets at any CVS/Walgreens sort of store.
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. Many a times, you can get through a gig on pure adrenaline. Just make sure you sleep as much as you can before and after.
  • Gargle with salt water if you feel a tickle in your throat.
  • Know when to call it. Sometimes you're going to be too sick to power through and that's alright too.








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How to Be Sick

How to Be Sick

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