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How to Become a Captivating Public Speaker

How to Become a Captivating Public Speaker

Update: 2022-12-21


We are all public speakers.  Maybe you don't see yourself as a public speaker, but the truth of the matter is if you are doing business with anyone you are a public speaker.  Do you answer a phone? Then you are a public speaker.  Do you sell something?  Then you are doing public speaking.  Perhaps you are one of those people who desire to become a professional public speaker. Maybe the place that you work puts you in a position where you must speak publicly. Or maybe you are a public speaker but you want to get more paid speaking opportunities. Public speaking can be a great career, and can also be a great additional income to your career. However, for most people they are afraid to speak in public. In fact, research has shown that speaking in public is one of the most fearful things that people can do. How do you overcome the fear and become an effective, captivating public speaker? Well thanks to professional speaker and speaking coach Peter George he will help you get through the fear, and debunk the the public speaking myths on this episode of A New Direction.

Peter George's book, The Captivating Public Speaker, is excellent.  It is the most complete book on public speaking I have read.  It is a no nonsense, this is how to be an effective, memorable, wanting you to come back for more book on public speaking to any audience.  His AMP'D method is simply and sophisticated when comes to help you make a difference when speaking to any audience, whether that is an audience of one, or ten thousand one.  If you will follow Peter's instruction I will promise you, you will become The Captivating Public Speaker You had inside of you!

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How to Become a Captivating Public Speaker

How to Become a Captivating Public Speaker

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