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How to Better Mentor Black Women on Campus

How to Better Mentor Black Women on Campus

Update: 2022-07-06


Two esteemed professors have teamed up for a new book that gives guidance to college faculty, advisors, and administrators invested in the success of Black women on campuses.

It’s called Sister Resisters: Mentoring Black Women on Campus (April 2022, Harvard Education Press). Through case studies, student narratives, and research, authors Dr. Tracy Robinson-Wood and Dr. Janie Victoria Ward document the deterrents young Black women face on campuses, and call on campus mentors to increase their own cultural competencies.

The book provides evidence-based tools to help mentors and mentees further educational, racial, and gender equality from an anti-racist, consciousness-raising lens. Drs. Tracy Robinson-Wood and  Janie Victoria Ward join Wednesday 8 O’Clock Buzz host Jan Miyasaki for a conversation about helping young Black women succeed on campuses.

About the guests: 

Tracy Robinson-Wood is professor of applied psychology at Northeastern University, where she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Addictions Counselor. Dr. Robinson-Wood’s research investigates resiliency; intersectionality among race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class; microaggressions across racial, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity; and racial socialization in interracial families. The fifth edition of her textbook, The Convergence of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Multiple Identities in Counseling, was published in 2017 by SAGE Publications.

Janie Victoria Ward is professor emerita in the Departments of Education and Africana Studies at Simmons University in Boston, Massachusetts, where she researches developmental issues of African American adolescents.  She holds a master’s degree in counseling and consulting psychology and a doctorate in human development from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is the co-editor of three texts, and is also the author of The Skin We’re In: Teaching Our Children to be Emotionally Strong, Socially Smart and Spiritually Connected (Fireside, 2000), which focuses on racial socialization in Black families.



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How to Better Mentor Black Women on Campus

How to Better Mentor Black Women on Campus

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