How to Break Through Resistance with Christine Terrio

How to Break Through Resistance with Christine Terrio

Update: 2021-08-10


Episode #186. How can we apply living simply to our businesses? Christine Terrio is here to share her S.I.M.P.L.Y framework and help us get unstuck in our businesses and beyond. In this episode, we chat about signs you may be stuck and stagnant, how to break yourself out of that state, and a new perspective on everyday life to motivate yourself in your business even if you consider yourself a procrastinator. Ready to get clear on your day-to-day life and simply live? Listen now to get a fresh new perspective on resistance and motivation.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How can negativity be a clear sign you’re stuck
  • A new perspective to get out of a resistance state
  • Secret ways to celebrate your success every day
  • Christine’s SIMPLY strategy to re-train your brain

Favorite Quotes

“If you went one way or the other, what would the next steps be? Either way, there's no right or wrong decision. It's just part of the journey. You can try it one way, and maybe it didn't get you as far as you thought, and then try the other way. You're going to learn something from both experiences, and it's still going to move you forward.”

“What really lights you up? What feels good to you? What fills you up? Those are the things that you want to get clear on. So when you set intentions, when you know what your values are, then you can show up and do the work that way.” 

“Sometimes when I have a great day, I try to take notice of that too, and say, ‘What did I do today that made it so great.’ Then, I try to repeat that. It's bringing awareness every day." 

More about Christine:

Christine Terrio is a Certified Health Coach with a passion for all things health and wellness, and a desire to age well. Christine helps women take a new approach to healthy weight loss by ditching diets, prioritizing themselves, and filling up your cup first with things that bring you joy and feel good.

Christine aims to empower clients to take their health into their own hands, build long-lasting sustainable habits to a healthier and happier life, and simply enjoy living life each day of their journey.

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How to Break Through Resistance with Christine Terrio

How to Break Through Resistance with Christine Terrio

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