DiscoverBreak the CeilingHow to Build a Community Around Your Business with Katie Hunt
How to Build a Community Around Your Business with Katie Hunt

How to Build a Community Around Your Business with Katie Hunt

Update: 2020-07-28


Right now, building a community around your business is more popular than ever.

You might even be considering adding one to your business—perhaps to save you time, to add another income stream, or to make you more accessible to your clients—or all of the above.

No matter why you might consider adding community to your business model, you might wonder—a business owner who does the same thing is already doing this. So how can I do it, too? Should I do it at all?

Seeing someone beat you to the punch might feel deflating but I’m here to tell you that there are infinite ways to shift your business model and make it all your own.

No two businesses are ever the same. Even if two business owners offer the same thing, they’re doing it in their own, unique way. That’s why if you hear an idea for a new revenue stream or a new way of operating—or if you implement the same thing—it’ll always look different in your business compared to another business. It’s your special sauce.

In the last few episodes, we’ve been talking about using new revenue streams to create strength and resiliency and minimize risk in your business. Specifically, we've been doing a deep dive on membership and community models.

I talked to Sophie Bujold in Episode 39 about where a community should live in your business (and whether or not you should have one in the first place). And in Episode 40, I talked to Margy Thomas about how her community was an evolution of the work she'd already been doing with clients.

My guest today is Katie Hunt, founder of Proof to Product, where she helps product-based businesses create product lines, sell wholesale, and build stronger businesses. She has a podcast, courses, masterminds, coaching, conferences, and yes, a community. Katie’s helped thousands of brands get their products on the shelves of retail stores like Target, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and independent boutiques around the world.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • An alternative look at what launching a community/membership model with a team looks like

  • How having a membership improved resilience in Katie's business—financially AND with the rest of her product suite

  • What evaluation process Katie went through before adding community as part of her business model

  • How Katie’s boundaries have been impacted through the launch of her program and the pandemic—and how she’s proactively reinstating those boundaries now

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How to Build a Community Around Your Business with Katie Hunt

How to Build a Community Around Your Business with Katie Hunt

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