How to Choose Your Word for 2021

How to Choose Your Word for 2021

Update: 2021-01-19


For the first time ever I have added layers to my word of the year. As I plan for 2021 and the future as outlined in my goals I knew this would be the FOUNDATION for things to come and it would come with sacrifice and from that my two additional words were formed to help me stay focused on my word of the year. Because this year is more strategic than ever for me personally and professionally again for ME it was important to add these two additional components. I am sure they could have been taken in several different directions but this is where I landed and in navigating the first 3 weeks of 2021 I am more confident than ever these were the right choices for me. PLAN is my overarching them for 2021 and as I navigate I will remind myself that I am building the foundation for all things to come and while this will not be easy it will be worth it and the sacrifice will pay off in the long run.

To outline a step by step process for you have never done a word of the year before:

Start by outlining specific goals you have for the year. The big goals - start with 3 to 5 so you can really focus on those otherwise it could really become more of a to do list versus a strategy for the year. We want to be strategic and not a list checker. 

Next you are going to take those 3 to 5 big goals and under each add 3 to 5 additional steps that are going to be actions to achieve those goals.

Once those two steps are completed I reflect on the goals to determine my overarching theme - MY WORD - MY FOCUS that is going to be my word to achieve the strategy as outlined.









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How to Choose Your Word for 2021

How to Choose Your Word for 2021

Leslie Mathis