DiscoverMy Perfect FailureHow to Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni
How to Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni

How to Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni

Update: 2020-06-20


MPF discussion with LaYinka Sanni

How To Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni

 About LaYinka

LaYinka Sanni is a self-transformation expert who has been supporting women to transform their lives from the inside out for over 5 years.

She started her journey in the client seat for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy, and after seeing and feeling the beauty that came from her overcoming overwhelm,  ditching self-blame, and embracing her God-given worth, she stepped into her calling to motivate and empower other selfless and dedicated women to find themselves again and show up in the world as they were created to be. 

Through classes, programmes, workshops, podcasts, and talks she’s given over the last 5 years, LaYinka delivers her message from and with heart — real, raw, and deep — with the aim for her audience to not be wowed, but to be inspired to make movement in their lives and bring about positive change.  

As well as being a mum of 3 and a wife, LaYinka is also a co-host on an ever-growing online show, ‘Honest Tea Talk’, where she and two friends bring pertinent topics to the table and discuss them openly and honestly. On the show, LaYinka is known to drop what viewers have dubbed #LaYinkaLines, otherwise known as truth bombs.

As the CEO of her company that thrives on working from the heart, LaYinka's programmes are grounded in the belief that every woman is valuable and has what she needs to shine brightly; and it's LaYinka's mission to bring women home to themselves so they can fulfil their greatest potential. As a passionate and multifaceted woman, LaYinka's energy commands attention, and her words, rooted in care and love, move women to take inspired action — big and small — and this is the LaYinka edge.

On this episode of My perfect Failure (How to Ditch Self-Blame) I am joined by LaYinka Sanni.  LaYinka reveals once she asked herself the question:  How would her children remember her if she died.  This question led to LaYinka taking control of her life, ditching her crippling self-blame.   Today LaYinka inspires women all over the world to ditch their own self-blame and to live their absolute best lives .  Some of the areas we cover.

 ·         Ditching self-blame

·         The importance of refuelling 

·         Facing our hard truths will elicit the changes in our life we truly desire

·         The quality of our life is based on the quality of questions we ask ourselves

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How to Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni

How to Ditch Self-Blame with LaYinka Sanni

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