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How to Elevate Yourself to the Next Level in Your Career

How to Elevate Yourself to the Next Level in Your Career

Update: 2022-04-25


#162: Do you feel stuck or uncertain about how to progress to that next level, whether you are an entrepreneur or in the workplace?

Oftentimes we don't realize that our own limiting beliefs are holding us back or that the root of those limiting beliefs is fear. From the fear of lack of experience to imposter syndrome and believing that we're not good enough has led us to doubt ourselves and what our purpose is. 

This is where today's guest comes in. I'd like you to meet Nakisha Hicks, also known as the Career Path Finder. She's passionate about empowering women of color and as a gifted leader in the human resources field, it’s no surprise that she has made it her mission to help female HR professionals land their dream jobs.

As founder of The ElevateHer LLC, Nakisha has shown undervalued, underpaid HR professionals how to shift their mindsets, advance their careers and increase their earnings exponentially. Some of her clients have even secured multi-figure salary increases after working with her.

Nakisha’s genuine interest in uplifting others is rooted in her own nontraditional climb up the corporate ladder. With 16 years of experience in high-level HR executive positions, Nakisha has gained an impressive reputation as an industry leader.

Her insights on career transitions and DEI work have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, on nearly a dozen podcasts in the last year, and in books and blogs nationwide.

In this episode, we dive into common mindsets or limiting beliefs that Nakisha has seen many professional women get stuck into, how we overcome that fear and 5 keys that will help us move forward and bring us to the next stage of our careers or business. 

This episode is jam-packed full of great ideas, so let's get to it! 

Learn How to Overcome Those Limiting Beliefs....

  • [04:30Nakisha's journey into HR at 17 years old and the unconventional route that brought her back to HR and finding her gift 
  • [11:465 common limiting beliefs/mindsets that most women have in their careers
  • [13:05 ] What causes that fear?
  • [15:42 ] Nakisha's FOCUS method - the 5 keys to help you elevate yourself to the next level
  • [22:02 ] how to move forward with the power of saying yes

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Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode. 









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How to Elevate Yourself to the Next Level in Your Career

How to Elevate Yourself to the Next Level in Your Career

Kelly Baader