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How to Eliminate More I & I For Good

How to Eliminate More I & I For Good

Update: 2022-01-05


Today on The DooDoo Diva's Smells Like Money Podcast, Jake Trapani of BLD Services, LLC joins the show to talk about the major advancement on lateral linings, how cities can involve and partner with homeowners during rehabs, and when eminent domain isn't an option, and more. Before Jake touches further on Blindshot CIPPs and the pros and cons of different curing processes, he shares how BLD Services, LLC's growth took form throughout the years.

This episode covers:

· How far have CIPP linings come in terms of advancement?

· Jake Trapani – on Ohio taking eminent domain for rehabs

· What is a Blindshot CIPP?

· How can cities partner with homeowners when eminent domain is not an option?

· Engineers and homeowners can do their own investigation too!

About Jake Trapani:

Mr. Trapani has over 34 years of management experience in the utility and sewer rehabilitation industry. He is responsible for the overall management, operations, and administration of BLD's Trenchless Rehabilitation Division, which includes Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lateral lining and pipe cleaning/CCTV inspection services.

Jacob, in conjunction with the President, is responsible for developing, implementing, and leading all activities to achieve BLD's financial, quality, and safety objectives. He supports the field operations in all phases of construction and related functions; coordinates training and other skill development for operations personnel; and is also responsible for market strategy and customer development in his area of responsibility.

Prior to joining BLD, Jacob had a long career with Insituform Technologies accumulating extensive experience in the CIPP industry. While at Insituform, he held multiple Operations Management positions, including General Manager of the Louisiana office, which managed CIPP rehabilitation for Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky and included a construction portfolio exceeding $50 million annually.

Jacob is the current President of NASSCO and is highly involved with ASTM International.

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How to Eliminate More I & I For Good

How to Eliminate More I & I For Good

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