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How to Find a Job on Facebook

How to Find a Job on Facebook

Update: 2021-08-02


Facebook as we all know is a great place to stay connected with family and friends, and while a lot of the younger generation are finding Instagram and Snapchat a better place to hang out, Facebook is still relevant for them especially in job hunting.


A whole lot of people don't even know that there are other cool things to do on Facebook asides staying connected with friends and family.


Facebook has a job board that can easily be accessed at


On this job board, employers can list openings and job seekers can apply immediately without having to leave the platform.


Over sixty-five million businesses have pages on Facebook and even if you don't consider it so, Facebook is the second most popular social network for recruiters.


Job posting is free for recruiters and you don't have to pay to apply to any job posting now which makes it a win-win for both companies and job seekers.


Before you go looking for jobs on Facebook though, you need to tidy your profile as that can easily disqualify you if your Facebook profile doesn't match your CV.


  • Use a professional profile picture.

  • Make sure any content you don't want recruiters to see are not set to public

  • Fill in your recent job positions

  • Enter in your education details

  • Show your most relevant skills in your profile (it's just under the education section)

  • Show off your important achievements on your profile

  • Share your opinion about topics in your niche on your profile

  • Make sure you're in the top groups for your niche on Facebook

  • Facebook has a projects tool that you can use to boost your status

  • Follow the pages of companies where you wish to work

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How to Find a Job on Facebook

How to Find a Job on Facebook

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