How to Find and Vet a Realtor

How to Find and Vet a Realtor

Update: 2019-02-08


The real estate industry, along with many other business climates, is changing daily because of the influx of information online and all that noise out there. If you're in the market to buy or sell property do a little investigative work by asking people you know in the area for suggestions, google them, read their reviews, and check out their persona and presence online. THEN, if they fit your criteria, request a consultation to see if you’d be a good fit to work together.

What separates a great agent from the rest? This can vary depending on your individual needs. But here are a few to keep in mind: 1) Location - are they familiar with your city and neighborhood and home type? 2)  Situation - Do they have solutions to offer for your specific needs? 3) Scope of expertise, education, and professional statistics. 4) Communication - Are they good at it? Can they explain the contract to you in a manner you can understand. Can they explain the market to you? 5) And last but probably one of the MOST important factors, do you even like them, bro?

If you like what I have to say or you’d like to hear more about my background, my marketing, and my negotiating approach, please reach out to me and let's have a conversation! If you’re here for educational purposes, have questions about what I’ve discussed here, or just want to pick my brain, Im good with that too! You can email me at OR you can follow me and send me a DM on Facebook and Instagram @realdealarizona.

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How to Find and Vet a Realtor

How to Find and Vet a Realtor

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