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How to Know If You're Emotionally Safe in Your Relationship

How to Know If You're Emotionally Safe in Your Relationship

Update: 2019-04-211


Do you bend over backwards to keep people happy?

Do you try to live up to other people's expectations?

If you answered "Yes" to either of those, you may be accepting a relationship that is actually emotionally unsafe for you. It may be a toxic relationship!

Another way to know if you need to question your emotional safety is to recognize that you fell in love with someone who swept you off your feet, and seemed absolutely perfect, and now, you find yourself with a person who puts you down and wears you down to the point of exhaustion.

That's what #Hijackals do! They "get" you with the picture of perfection, and keep you in a private place of pain, sadly enough.

(If you're wondering if you're with a #Hijackal, get my free gift for you: my ebook, How to Spot a Hijackal, HERE. )

Did you fall in love with a person who was so amazing that you thought you'd been blessed with a soulmate? Then, did you find the relationship deteriorating into something more like being cursed with a cellmate?

You want--and need--to listen to today's episode. It can change everything!


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You deserve to create a life that is calm, peaceful, creative, and productive. A #Hijackal wants to be sure that you do not.

You will find yourself blamed for things that couldn't possible be your fault. You'll be told how you feel, and it will be completely wrong. You'll be told what you think, and no one every asked you. Sound familiar? That's how #Hijackals roll.

No emotional safety when you're in a relationship with a Hijackal!

Today's episode offers deep food for thought about your emotional safety. Most people who are with toxic people really want to believe that what's happening is not true. You make excuses for their behavior. You justify and rationalize it.

Now's the time to recognize it for what it is: bad behavior from a person who will never give you the love you want and deserve.

Once, you recognize this, you'll need more information to change that. You'll find that in many other episodes of this podcast, and on my YouTube channel, too.

Listen to today's episode, and take it all in. It could be your ticket to a much more peaceful life.

And, if by chance, you're still wondering if you have had a #Hijackal in your life, grab my free ebook, How to Spot a Hijackal® at . You need to know what's up.

Hijackals have to believe they are always right, and the smartest person in every room, at all time. So, they give you false messages about yourself. Time to examine those and stop believing them.


  • Recognize there are people in the world who want and need power over you
  • Recognize if you're with an emotionally unsafe person, a #Hijackal
  • Anais Nin: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."
  • How to know if you are emotionally unsafe: 5 questions to ask yourself
  • Don Catherall: "One partner can say something stupid, and the other person ignores it or doesn't look at it as significant. There's a level of trust. But when they lose that safety, everything has the potential to flare up. They stop taking things at face value or giving each other the benefit of the doubt."
  • Destructive patterns you can notice right now, and move away from
  • You have the right to be emotionally safe!

If you need help with any part of the journey with--and from--a #Hijackal, I'm here for you. Let's talk soon. Want my help? I make it easy and accessible for you to have your first one-hour session with me for only $97.

Make positive changes NOW.

Big hugs,


Rhoberta Shaler, PhD,

The Relationship Help Doctor

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How to Know If You're Emotionally Safe in Your Relationship

How to Know If You're Emotionally Safe in Your Relationship