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How to Learn and Master Any Skill Fast - 100

How to Learn and Master Any Skill Fast - 100

Update: 2019-10-1531


What if you could learn anything in just a few months? From learning a language to becoming skilled guitar player…⠀

What you learn becomes a part of you. It levels you up. So learning helps you become things. So let me ask this in another way, you could learn anything deeply and quickly, Who would you become?⠀

Growing up, most of us were taught specific ways to learn, but those ways aren’t very efficient and for some people, they’re not effective at all.⠀

The ability to learn fast and well is critical for more than just hobbies. You can learn new skills for your job, and you can even reinvent yourself for a totally new career.⠀

This episode is jam packed with actionable information… actually a whole proven framework about how to master any skill quickly.⠀

Today our guest is Scott Young, author of Ultralearning.⠀

Scott undertakes interesting self-education projects, like attempting to learn MIT’s four-year computer science curriculum in twelve months and learning four languages in one year… and what he’s learning from all this learning, he’s sharing with us.⠀

We will learnThe most effective learning methods to learn anything deeply and quicklyHow to design a learning project you can actually accomplishNew training methods to help you push through to higher levels of retention⠀

Show Notes:

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Oscar Muñoz Herrera

Great episode. Really helpful. By the way, I couldn't reproduce it on Castbox, there is a kind of trouble with the link. I Heard it through your website. Do You think it is a good idea to try to learn two, three or more things st the same time? I really enjoy your podcast.

Oct 27th
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How to Learn and Master Any Skill Fast - 100

How to Learn and Master Any Skill Fast - 100

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