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How to Market Your Grand Opening Event

How to Market Your Grand Opening Event

Update: 2022-06-21


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In this video Grace Rizza, CEO of Identity Dental marketing tackles:    

  • Start with defining what’s in it for them?      

  • Raffle     

  • Music?     

  • Food?     

  • Pediatric Practice? Princess show up? Tooth fairy?      

  • Your message to a local business owner - message to a mom’s group  will be different      

  • Fundraiser for local charity / non-profit -  

  • Social media posts - Event listing & invites on social media sites 

  • Joining local FB & other social media community groups - get into moms groups, etc.  

  • Event website listing - Evite or Eventbrite  - Reaching out to Chamber of Commerce and they will plug you - Personal invitation to local businesses

  • Inviting schools 

  • Press release - before the event  

  • Photographer - hire someone - get someone local who wants an introduction -  other business owners - - verbiage for this.  

  • Grand Opening - and we partnered with the ice skating rink - WHOEVER came into the office for the open house got a FREE day at the ice skating business. Cooperating marketing.  

  • Carnival/party - bounce houses and face painting  

Consider your goals for the event.  

It may cost money and it certainly will cost time.  

You can consider hosting local businesses as vendors.  

If you’re having vendors, you would need to find a space. Whenever you take it OUT of your office- you’re now removing the experience of being  IN your office, which decreases their opportunity of becoming a patient.  

You want to create a reason for them to step in the practice - step foot in the practice to have any dental experience - minimally a tour, best experience ANYTHING they. Book/schedule…. Special if purchased at event… end goal = get patients.    

Have to have realistic expectations for this.    

Be focused

Is this a business networking open house?  

Is this a family bounce house, DJ, cookout, face painting event?   

This question should be answered with consideration for your brand?    

At Identity Dental Marketing, we have seen that real results come from a  collaboration of dental marketing strategies. Each member of our team brings a unique skill set that will contribute to the success of your dental practice. We’re here for you! Just a few of the services we offer  include:  

  • Marketing for Dentists and Dental Experts  

  • SEO Strategies from our Dental SEO Experts  

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  • Dental Office Marketing Consulting  

  • Custom Content and Designs for Internet and Print Marketing    

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How to Market Your Grand Opening Event

How to Market Your Grand Opening Event

Grace Rizza