DiscoverSomething You Should KnowHow to Master Any Skill & The Strange World of Tattoos
How to Master Any Skill & The Strange World of Tattoos

How to Master Any Skill & The Strange World of Tattoos

Update: 2024-05-092


Do you know what the most popular and least popular car colors are? What’s so interesting is that buying a car that is an unpopular color can actually increase the resale value of the car over one that is a more popular color. Listen as I explain how this works. Source: Westways Magazine Summer 2024 / article “Color Considerations”

What’s the best way to learn something really well? Is it to have a great coach or practice, practice, practice or – what? Why do some people master a skill better than others – is it just raw talent that separates the good from the great? Well, if you have ever wondered about this, you have to listen to my discussion with Scott Young. He is a writer whose work has been featured in the New York Times, and Business Insider, on the BBC. Scott is the host of The Scott Young Podcast author of the book Get Better at Anything: 12 Maxims for Mastery (

What is a tattoo? Why do people get them? Do people often regret getting them? Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, and it seems a lot more people have tattoos today than in the past. What is the appeal? Here to discuss all this and take us inside the world of tattoos is Matt Lodder. He is one of the world’s leading experts on tattoos as well as a senior lecturer in art history and theory at the University of Essex. He is author of the book Painted People: 5,000 Years of Tattooed History from Sailors and Socialites to Mummies and Kings ( 

I don’t know if you hum much – but you should. You will simply feel better. And humming has some other excellent benefits I suspect you never knew. Listen to my explanation and you’ll be humming in no time.


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How to Master Any Skill & The Strange World of Tattoos

How to Master Any Skill & The Strange World of Tattoos

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