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How to Move Intuitively w/ Steph Ondrusek

How to Move Intuitively w/ Steph Ondrusek

Update: 2020-04-28


Have you ever felt like you are only participating in a movement practice because you ‘should’ be doing so? Creating a movement practice is critical to honoring your physical vessel and nourishing your body, but it can come with its fair share of obstacles. Steph Ondrusek is a strength coach who believes in the importance of creating an intuitive movement practice unique to your body and your needs so that you can start relishing in your body’s potential. Because if you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, what’s the point?

Stop Beating Yourself Up & Find Where You Are Now

Don’t just move for the sake of doing it or because someone told you too, the challenge and feeling of accomplishment you can gain from intuitive movement can help you enjoy what your body is capable of in a whole new way. By pursuing your strength or fitness goals with a new attitude, you can stop beating yourself up and find where you are now.

Steph is all about looking at the big picture and self-exploration so that you can love yourself and your body wherever you’re currently at. Instinct, emotion, and rational thinking are the basis of your intuition, and through intuitive movement, you can tune in, listen to your body and embrace that you are so much more than just what you do.

How do you use intuitive movement to nurture and nourish your daily routine? Share your experience and thoughts on Steph’s expertise with us in the comment section on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Why diet culture interrupts your trust in yourself when it comes to movement (6:40 )
  • Ways to help yourself clue into your actual goals and avoid the ‘shoulds’ (10:35 )
  • How to set performance metrics while avoiding obsessing about aesthetic (18:53 )
  • Tips for embracing movement without viewing it as a competition or comparison (20:12 )
  • What to do when you feel disoriented and have to modify your movement routine (26:27 )
  • The top helpful ways to become more intuitive with your movement practice (32:15 )



“If actually the goal is not the goal, if the goal is different from what I thought it was, which is actually to feel connected and strong and accomplished, and it’s not going to come necessarily just because I hit some fitness goal, what do I do?” (9:49 )

“I’ve had several people in the past week be like ‘when does it end? When does this end?’ and I’m like, well some of this can end whenever you want it too.” (12:00 )

“Really asking the question, backing up a lot and saying ‘what am I chasing? What am I getting out of this and what do I hope to get out of this? And is the method that I am using, so fitness or movement or strength, is that going to lead to that?” (20:27 )

“You don’t have to do it just like the one way that someone told you too. You can find your way through it and as you are finding your way, your goal might change. It might not, you might find a whole bunch of different things that you didn’t know were there, and I think that’s the really valuable part.” (23:25 )

“Know that you still deserve to enjoy your movement, you still deserve to enjoy food, you still deserve to enjoy whatever you want and whatever you can, even if your body has changed.” (29:17 )



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How to Move Intuitively w/ Steph Ondrusek

How to Move Intuitively w/ Steph Ondrusek

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