DiscoverThe Sales PodcastHow to Read and Defuse The Fear in Selling With Dan Hill
How to Read and Defuse The Fear in Selling With Dan Hill

How to Read and Defuse The Fear in Selling With Dan Hill

Update: 2020-07-27


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  • PhD in English
  • Lived in Italy and didn't know the language so he learned how to read people.
  • 1998 he was at IBM and was sent an article on how emotional we are as decision makers
  • "What customers can't say" by David Wolf
  • At least 95% of our mental activity is not fully conscious...lots of gut reactions
  • We're all in sales
  • Sales is a fear-filled environment
    • The salesperson is afraid of losing the sale
    • The prospect is afraid of being the prey
    • Fear is not conducive to communication
  • Develop affinity before/during the presentation
  • It's more than mirroring
Sales is a fear-filled environment. You must read it and defuse it."
  • Read their faces
  • Are they looking at their watches?
  • Look at the room. Look for photos. Inquire about them. If they're a striver they'll be happy to discuss.
  • You're looking for context.
  • We are only dimly aware of ourselves
  • "By the age of 50 a man has the face he deserves."
  • What's the give and take like?
  • You're either flexible or you're road kill
  • Facial coding is reasonably simple yet powerful enough
  • 7 core emotions
    • Happiness
    • Surprise
    • Anger
    • Fear
    • Sadness
    • Disgust
    • Contempt
    • 23 expressions that cover these seven emotions
  • Striver or Hothead
  • Natural skeptic (smirk, contempt)
  • Ambiguous situations (UCLA study)
    • 55% of the true communication comes from the face
    • 7% from the words
  • The average person tells 4-5 lies per day
  • Body language can tell you something but it's not as detailed as facial expressions
  • Body language can be faked more easily
  • Body language can be affected by gender and culture
  • "Lie to Me" was pretty accurate
  • Lots of fear in the Jacksons could be seen when they were young
  • Bio-feedback looks at only two muscles and botox hinders
  • Now he looks at 44 muscles on both side of the face in symmetry
  • He was out-numbered in a negotiation with Toyota
    • One was drifting off
    • Your emotions turn on when you care
  • He was doing work in 2012 in the Mexican Presidential debate
    • He had a 100-person sample that watched the debate
    • He realized who the strongest opponent was
  • Happiness and anger are about 70% of a person's emotions
  • 9 ways to show anger
    • Eyebrows pinched together and lower
    • Mouth pursing together (maybe they're confused)
    • "Snake eyes" with the eyes going narrow
    • If the mouth comes together so strongly that there's a bulge in the lower lip
  • Voice is similar to body language so it's not quite as accurate
  • The difference between a smile and a smirk is profitability

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How to Read and Defuse The Fear in Selling With Dan Hill

How to Read and Defuse The Fear in Selling With Dan Hill

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