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How to Rewire Your Mind and Body | SCOTT CARNEY

How to Rewire Your Mind and Body | SCOTT CARNEY

Update: 2020-04-283


“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Most of us have heard some variation of that quote accredited to Viktor Frankl but most of us don’t know how to manage that space effectively and condition our minds and bodies to respond properly.

That’s why today’s conversation with New York Times Bestselling Author, Scott Carney, is crucial. During our discussion, we talk about the gap between stimulus and response, how to put ourselves into a highly-effective flow state, fight and flight chemistry, and how to rewire your mind and body for maximum results.


  • The placebo effect
  • Western medicine
  • Learning to be resilient
  • Fight or flight responses
  • Giving yourself stress
  • Connecting to the environment
  • The ultimate stress
  • Walking your own path
  • Unmitigated horror
  • Reliving your emotional pass
  • Living the status quo
  • Overriding your response
  • Throwing kettlebells
  • Practicing trust and empathy
  • A different point of reference
  • Creating bandwidth


My guest today is New York Times Bestselling, Scott Carney, author of What Doesn’t Kill Us, and his new book, The Wedge.

He is an investigative journalist and anthropologist. He’s done work for Wired, Men’s Journal, Playboy, Discover, Outside, and Fast Company and he gained a lot of notoriety as he trained with Wim Hof. Originally, he intended on debunking a lot of Wim’s teachings but found the practices to be life-changing and a critical part of his life and work.

Scott’s been a friend for several years since he talked with us about his book, What Doesn’t Kill Us and you’re going to hear how much excitement he has for life. Quite frankly, it’s infectious.


As we close out the month of April in the Iron Council, I wanted to give you the heads up and let you know that for the month of May, we’ll be covering the topic of Prioritize and Execute.

Obviously, we’re living in some very interesting times and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many men to navigate the uncertain waters. So, for the month of May, we’ll be doing a deep dive into effective strategies for organizing and prioritizing your life and, more important, taking massive action that will produce the biggest results.

We’ll uncover variables that are keeping you back and distracting you from what you want to achieve and give you the opportunity to band with 500+ high-achieving men to hold you accountable and potentially give you the kick in the pants you need.

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How to Rewire Your Mind and Body | SCOTT CARNEY

How to Rewire Your Mind and Body | SCOTT CARNEY