DiscoverFind The MagicHow to Rock Your Mornings with Chanelle Nielsen
How to Rock Your Mornings with Chanelle Nielsen

How to Rock Your Mornings with Chanelle Nielsen

Update: 2021-11-15


It is no secret that morning routines are pretty much the key to our existence here at Find the Magic. We LOVE how this habit fuels us and improves the way we show up for ourselves and our people. Chanelle Nielson is an author, life coach, and morning routine expert. In this episode, we discuss this topic with her, and she gives an abundance of good ideas on how to revamp/commit to the incredible life changing habit.

You can find more about Chanelle on her website and instagram.

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Our Daily Meditation: this is the meditation that Taralyn does every morning. You simply push play and she walks you through it. It’s an easy way to get yourself into the habit.


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Review of the week from camrylbc:

Imagine a podcast that gives you the Reader’s Digest on the latest parenting and self-help books that have been sitting on our dresser (or at least on your list of to-reads) for what seems like forever. Here it iiiiiiiis!! This podcast does not overwhelm me or make me think about “all that I’m doing wrong,” not at all. Rather it truly inspires me to be a little better each da. And to be myself. Covers such a WIDE variety of relevant topics, and sparks now conversations with myself. Highly recommend!


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How to Rock Your Mornings with Chanelle Nielsen

How to Rock Your Mornings with Chanelle Nielsen

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