DiscoverMind Love ♡ Modern MindfulnessHow to Speak with Influence • PREVIEW
How to Speak with Influence • PREVIEW

How to Speak with Influence • PREVIEW

Update: 2020-11-1310


We will learn: 

  • How to clarify ideas and make them stand out

  • Work through fear and replace with techniques that give the presenter confidence in themselves

  • How to maintain present moment awareness to communicate confidently

Did you know that human’s number one fear is public speaking? Even over death.

Public speaking isn’t just reserved for a stage and a full conference hall. Public speaking can be speaking in front of your team at work, or leading a Zoom call.

What are you missing out on in your life by not having the confidence to communicate well? 

What could you gain, or what could you become if you were the type of person who could clearly and concisely speak in a way that people relate to, or even in a way that influences?

Well today, you’re taking the first step toward finding your voice.

Our guest is Billie Shepard. She’s been a presentation coach, professional actor and acting coach for four decades. She has appeared in regional theater productions, TV series and national commercials. She trains corporate execs and professionals into influential presenters and communicators. And she recently published The Billie Shepard Presentation Method; the culmination of her acting and teaching careers and her extensive educational research.

And today she’s going to give us some insider tips into how to communicate confidently and with influence.

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How to Speak with Influence • PREVIEW

How to Speak with Influence • PREVIEW

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