DiscoverYour Money, Your WealthHow to Start Planning for Retirement - 419
How to Start Planning for Retirement - 419

How to Start Planning for Retirement - 419

Update: 2023-03-07


In order to retire comfortably at age 60, what should you be doing with your finances when you’re in your 20s? A framework for getting started planning for retirement on today's episode of YMYW. Plus, if you’re a small business with a SIMPLE IRA plan, is it stupid to save for retirement in a brokerage account rather than a traditional IRA? If you inherited money and promised to donate to charity, should you do Roth conversions? What’s the most efficient way to pay financial advisor fees, and what’s a good strategy for making pre-tax and post-tax retirement contributions? 


  • 00:51 - A Framework for Getting Started in Planning for Retirement (Anonymous)
  • 05:36 - I’m 24. What Should I Do to Retire Comfortably at 60? Michael, 24 (Binghamton, NY)
  • 12:14 - I’m 32. Opened a SIMPLE IRA. Is It Stupid to Fund Brokerage Instead of Traditional IRA? (Ron Burgundy)
  • 17:42 - I Inherited $450K, Promised to Donate to Charity. Should I Do Roth Conversions? (Allison, Northern Virginia)
  • 23:02 - What’s the Most Efficient Way to Pay Advisor Fees? (Nick, OH)
  • 26:06 - Strategy for Pre-Tax and Post-Tax Retirement Contributions? (Dave)
  • 29:56 - The Derails

Access this week's free financial resources in the podcast show notes at 

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  • Episode Transcript
  • Ask Joe & Big Al On Air
  • (plus a photo of YMYW listener Nick's cute dogs!)
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How to Start Planning for Retirement - 419

How to Start Planning for Retirement - 419

Joe Anderson, CFP® & Alan Clopine, CPA