DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastHow to Stop Outsourcing Your Enoughness w/ Bonnie Gillespie
How to Stop Outsourcing Your Enoughness w/ Bonnie Gillespie

How to Stop Outsourcing Your Enoughness w/ Bonnie Gillespie

Update: 2020-05-261


Have you ever felt like you are not enough? Bonnie Gillespie is the guru in Hollywood for self-management and is here today to help you start owning your enoughness. Bonnie had dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress, but when she got an assignment to pull back the curtain on Hollywood and gain some insider knowledge, she realized it takes a lot more than a perfect monologue to become successful in show biz. After writing her book, Self Management for Actors, Bonnie decided to work beyond her current industry so that she could help anyone learn why they are enough.

Show up as Your Authentic Self & Focus on the Long Game

The paradox of self-worth and enoughness is something that many of us struggle with, and it is only by showing up as your authentic self, discovering what it is you want, and learning how to trust that you can stop outsourcing your enoughness. 

Currently we are dealing with the loss of many conveniences and distractions that we often use to draw our energy away from examining our life choices. Bonnie is here today to help guide you to a positive way of thinking that will help you focus on the people who are already on board for you are, instead of trying to convince others of your worthiness. 

Instead of changing who you are to fit the circumstance, Bonnie wants you to show up as your authentic self and focus on the long game so that you can ‘book the room’. Full of inherent wisdom and practical advice, this is an episode you do not want to miss. 

Are you ready to create a life that is designed for you? Share what you loved most about Bonnie’s story with us in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Tips for assessing your enoughness in the digital area (11:00 )
  • Why you need to start showing up as your authentic self (19:15 )
  • What it looks like to outsource your enoughness and how to take it back (23:23 )
  • Practical ways to get deeper and learn how to use your trust muscle (28:35 )
  • How to get curious about what your body is trying to teach you (31:50 )



“If I can help a generation of people who get rejected for a living feel as though I am enough, and there is nothing I need to change. I am as I am exactly where I need to be and who I need to be and having the experiences that I need to have, that’s something that I want to bring to more people.” (9:40 )

“The way we fix that is by always looking at the big picture. How do I add to my fan base by making the way I show up be authentic and true to the way I am and the message that I want to put out in the world?” (19:52 )

“If instead, we put our energy on how to serve the third of the population that is already on board for exactly who I am and what I am effortlessly, we can have massive success. But we spend so much energy looking at how we can convert people who were never into us to begin with.” (22:17 )

“What we are seeing happening right now, is so many people have lost the conveniences and the little things they could fill their life and time with that distracted them from the fact that they have actually made a series of life choices that aren’t their own.” (26:10 )

“It doesn’t take very long to build that trust back to the point where we can actually listen to our bodies, listen to our guts, listen to those spidey senses that start tingling, in ways that allow our road to be a lot more collaborative.” (32:38 )



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How to Stop Outsourcing Your Enoughness w/ Bonnie Gillespie

How to Stop Outsourcing Your Enoughness w/ Bonnie Gillespie

Steph Gaudreau