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How to Succeed at Everything Online!

How to Succeed at Everything Online!

Update: 2019-10-16


See How to Succeed at Everything Online and join us for more at where you can get help applying these online business and life coaching habits every week!  Here is a short summary of the presentation!

What is everything?

Earning money: Advertising, selling, sponsoring, publishing, donations, books, affiliates, courses, investing!

Building relationships: Helping people, building a following anywhere, having a support group, staying connected!

Loving what we do: A passion through us about about what we do online and a high ROI for time spent online!

Key bullet points!

270 audio books in my Audible library.

30 hours a week worked on average (amazing productivity)

0 employees or business coaches hired!  I hire contractors to give the same freedom I enjoy and listen to those I am helping for seeing what to do next!

10K+ message responses I have answered tens of thousands of questions and comments related to what I teach for free averaging about 10 a day for years.

$30k home office filming studio!  The most valuable expenses getting started are investing in equipment and software that eliminates resistance.  Most of my videos require no editing or rendering time!

$300k+ spent advertising online! I love what I do so much that I always reinvest in sharing what I create via ads online.  YouTube ads are my current favorite because most of my advertising budget goes back to other creators!

26M views on as an example of how to be successful on YouTube!  The first successful video I made was a free webinar showing how I was getting Facebook page likes for $0.01. Future videos showed a CPC as low as $0.0005 in the USA at $0.08 CPM.

1B+ impressions on  In seeing that every human being is valuable, regardless of location and income, I have been able to reach over one percent of people on earth an average of 10 times each by spending $120K on Facebook ads resulting in 2M+ followers!





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How to Succeed at Everything Online!

How to Succeed at Everything Online!

Jerry Banfield