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How to Successfully Distinguish Your B2B Small Business

How to Successfully Distinguish Your B2B Small Business

Update: 2020-11-23


For many small businesses that operate on a B2B (business-to-business) model, the process of transitioning to the virtual marketplace can pose a unique set of challenges. Unlike their B2C (business-to-consumer) counterparts who can successfully market themselves to a broader audience, owners of a B2B business not only have to target a specific client base, but they also have to stand out from their competition. In this episode, Jon Aidukonis and Gene Marks along with special guest, John Davis, offer advice on how to distinguish yourself as a B2B-oriented small business online.

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Executive Summary

0:45 —Today's Topic: How Do I Navigate the Online Marketplace as a B2B-Oriented Small Business?

3:08 —As the owner of a small B2B business, you need to find an effective way of holding your meetings online. If you need to conduct business onsite for any reason, make sure you have the proper safety measures in place to protect both yourself and your clients.

5:18 —Because almost all business is done online, B2B businesses with an e-commerce component need to have a prominent SEO presence so that they will be among the first results that their prospective clients see after conducting an online search.

7:15 —Due to the expenses and challenges associated with SEO optimization, B2B businesses should not be afraid to target their prospective clients directly, either through personal connections or social media.

8:41 —LinkedIn can serve as a valuable resource for B2B marketing because it allows you to reach a very specific client base. You can increase your chances of making a strong impression by presenting yourself as an influencer or thought leader in your field.

10:40 —Content creation, whether through blogs or videos, is another way that you can further distinguish your brand. However, you need to produce it on a consistent basis to keep your audience engaged.

12:18 —While you do need a certain level of production value when you're producing creative content, don't try to overwhelm your audience with distracting visuals. Instead, you should focus on making an authentic connection with your storytelling.

16:19 —Because convenience is such a high priority these days, you need an online sales channel just to stay competitive. However, if most of your clients purchase your products through another channel, either due to contracts or rebates, your focus should be ensuring that these arrangements ...

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How to Successfully Distinguish Your B2B Small Business

How to Successfully Distinguish Your B2B Small Business

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