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How to find a job on Twitter

How to find a job on Twitter

Update: 2021-08-09


Twitter is regarded as a microblogging platform where debates are raised, and tensions can flare. Amid all that twitter is known for, people do get jobs on this platform that is pulling the plug on fleets.

It starts from ensuring that your profile reflects the image you want to project. So, for one, it might be to show off how he is an Engineering wizard while another just wants to highlight how well she makes shoes. For both, one thing is certain, they must put their best foot forward.

While last week, we talked about creating your Facebook profile as you would prepare a CV, with Twitter, it's a bit different, you are creating your business card.

If you have to separate personal life from business, by all means run two different twitter accounts.

The next thing to do is to follow people and businesses you would like to network/work with so that with time, when the opportunity presents itself, you can make meaningful comments on their posts that will make them notice you.

Another advanced trick is to use the advanced search of twitter to look for other professionals working with businesses where you would like to work and then try to build a relationship with them.

Another thing you can do with Advanced search is to look for available job postings on twitter by including location filters and adding keywords like jobs, openings, or positions, you can be able to see some results that might match the perfect job for you.

The constant thing you need to do irrespective of the platform you are trying to get a job from is content creation also known as storytelling. You must be able to make content that people would love to engage with and hence you will get noticed and be seen as an authority with time especially in a case where your points are valid and are not perceived as biased.

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How to find a job on Twitter

How to find a job on Twitter

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