DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieHow to nurture cold prospects into warm leads. EP #182 - Den Lennie
How to nurture cold prospects into warm leads. EP #182 - Den Lennie

How to nurture cold prospects into warm leads. EP #182 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-05-12


Today, Den reveals some insider secrets for turning ice-cold prospects into white-hot, eager-to-buy prospects who see you as an authority and expert to be trusted instead of just another business owner peddling their wares.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • What to do if you hate outbound marketing. (Doing this will take some time, but if you can pull this off, you won't need to do any outbound marketing! - 1:15 )
  • An almost unknown adman every business owner should study. Many people in the direct response industry call this curious and reclusive man "The Most Persuasive Man of The 20th Century." This adman once wrote a television advert that sold to one in every 14 American TV owners. He made $50 million dollars from a textbook on natural health. Here's how studying this man can help you market your business... - 2:55
  • A hardly ever-talked-about (and very profitable) skill every freelance videographer should develop. Developing this skill can even turn freelance videographers who would rather gargle battery acid than sell, into wickedly good salespeople. (And no... this skill is not sales. What is this skill? Listen up at 3:10 )
  • How “super creative” freelance video guys lose business by unwittingly spooking their prospective corporate clients.  - 5:40
  • The "CA" marketing principle almost every business owner is clueless about. (This is the BIG reason why the average business owner's marketing is about as useless as a glass hammer. - 6:18 )
  • 3 types of business owners you should NEVER market your video production service to. These 3 business owners might be cashed up, be great people, and even need your services, but they will end up being a complete waste of your time and dime. Here's why... - 6:30
  • 2 types of business owners you should market your video production service to. - 7:00
  • The unspeakably good "downloadable" asset. This is the BIG secret (used by the most successful online marketers on the planet) for getting a horde of prospects chasing you down instead of you chasing them! - 8:40
  • How to “hack” your way to becoming an authority in your industry. Do what Den reveals at 11:15 and prospects won't treat you like an ordinary video guy, but instead... they will revere you, respect you, and see you as an expert and an industry leader.
  • A caveman simple email marketing strategy that when done correctly, can bring in a ton of new business. - 15:40
  • How to get Google and YouTube to send you the perfect prospects for your video business. - 16:10
  • The "mere exposure" marketing phenomena that can when applied to your business can flood your business with new clients and new business. Sadly, probably 98% of business owners are too scared to tap into this extraordinary marketing phenomenon. - 16:45
  • A special type of "book" that can generate your business leads all day every day! - 19:00
  • A clever way to ethically bribe your website visitors into doing business with you. - 25:30
  • The single biggest reason why business owners fail miserably at email marketing. The good news? It's easy and quick to fix. (Here's how... 26:30 )

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How to nurture cold prospects into warm leads. EP #182 - Den Lennie

How to nurture cold prospects into warm leads. EP #182 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie