DiscoverHub City 10-8Hub City 10-8 Season 1 Trailer
Hub City 10-8 Season 1 Trailer

Hub City 10-8 Season 1 Trailer

Update: 2021-03-04


Lubbock, Texas - The Hub City, the South Plains area that is the economic, educational, and health-care hub of the region that is located north of the west Texas oil rich Permian Basin and south of the Texas Panhandle.

 Lubbock was named after Thomas S. Lubbock, a former Texas Ranger. Lubbock is home to two universities, and is known for its agricultural industry, and is famous for the music legends Buddy Holly, Mac Davis and Waylon Jennings. It’s a city of fine dining, museums, a rich art and culture scene and friendly hospitality.

 But there’s also a much darker side to Lubbock, Texas. 

A side where …..

Decades old DNA evidence produces a suspect in the heinous murder of a great grandmother.

A Texas Tech University student misses his final doctoral exam, and is found in his living room severely beaten, lying face down and naked with his throat crushed. 

A custodian is found in a blood-spattered laboratory on the third floor of the university Science Building with her throat slashed by a scalpel, her head nearly decapitated by a bone saw. 

A Crime Line Tip leads police investigators to property near the interstate where the body of a missing teenage boy is found buried.

A young woman found dead in her mother’s closet naked and shot six times, her murder never solved. 

In the new podcast, Hub City 10-8, we are talking to the investigators who worked these crimes to hear the cases from their points of view, and we’re telling the stories of true-crime in the Lubbock, Texas area.

Please join us for our upcoming first episode where we delve into the case of Minnie Elkins, a 93 year old woman who was murdered in her home, and decades old DNA evidence finally leads investigators to her killer….

 Stay tuned…where we’ll be 10-8, in service, from Lubbock, Texas.

Cover Art by Ashley Medrano.
Content by Kenda Martinez.

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Hub City 10-8 Season 1 Trailer

Hub City 10-8 Season 1 Trailer

Kenda Martinez and Ashley Medrano