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Hudson & Rex's John Reardon

Hudson & Rex's John Reardon

Update: 2022-09-19


Hudson & Rex's two-legged lead, John Reardon, joins Bill Brioux in conversation prior to the start of Season Five. The new season begins Sunday, Sept. 25 on Citytv and it's a big one with 20 new episodes. Guest stars? Road trips? Season Five has both. Murdoch Mysteries fans will spot Daniel Maslany crossing Rex's path. There's also a two-part storyline taking place not in St. John's, where the series is set, but in Northern Ontario.
Reardon, a Halifax native, played football for Mt. Allison before venturing into acting. His credits prior to Hudson & Rex include Vancouver productions Continuum and Arctic Air. He even survived an early stint on Trailer Park Boys!
It did seem pre-ordained that he would eventually star on Hudson & Rex; he and his wife welcomed their first born -- named Hudson -- just days before he was offered the part.
The new season will pick up the will-they or won't they romantic storyline between his detective character Charile and Sarah (Mayko Nguyen). Will they share custody of doggie detective Rex (Diesel vom Burgimwald)?
Reardon also talks about the sudden loss last April of Paul Pope, the executive producer who was a major force in the Newfoundland film and TV industry. 
"It's amazing how many people on the show got their start from Paul," says Reardon.
As for John's all-time favourite TV theme song, you kinda had to figure he would pick music from another show about a dog. Listen for that at the end of this episode.









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Hudson & Rex's John Reardon

Hudson & Rex's John Reardon

John Reardon