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Huldah: A Prophetess

Huldah: A Prophetess

Update: 2020-12-30


In today’s episode of All God’s Women we look at Huldah, a prophetess who was sought out by a king for her wisdom and insight. 

As I read about all the corruption in the days of Josiah and Huldah, it sounds, unfortunately, all too familiar. Doesn’t the world of their day sound an awful lot like today? 

Have we not lost sight of God’s law? Have we not filled our churches with traditions and practices from the world? Do we not have high places that we call spiritual, but that are far removed from true godly worship?  Are we not sacrificing our sons and daughters? Do we not have church leaders who are corrupt and leading their congregations astray? 

In a world where God’s people have lost sight of Him, where do we stand? 

If a young leader today was seeking after God and searching for someone to speak truth and wisdom, would your name come to their mind? Would they know that they could come to you and everything you said would be straight from the Lord?

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Huldah: A Prophetess

Huldah: A Prophetess

Sharon Wilharm