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Hunting Trip (S2E10)

Hunting Trip (S2E10)

Update: 2021-12-281


Everyone loves a trip to Pawnee! Today Rob and Alan venture off into surprisingly familiar territory when they watch the 10th episode of season two. In “Hunting Trip” Leslie tries to prove she can hang with the guys by inviting herself on Ron's annual hunting trip. On this episode find out which cast member wants to ruin Alan’s life, get a masterclass in improv-Amy Poehler, and hear a little memory from our buddy Chris Pratt about working with Aubry Plaza.
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In an effort to prove she can be one of the guys, Leslie leaves April in charge of the Parks Dept. and insists that she and the other ladies of the Parks Dept. tag along on Ron’s annual “Trail Survey”, which is actually just a secret hunting trip the men of the Parks Dept. go on each year. Once on the hunt, Leslie proves to be an excellent hunter and an increasingly threatened Ron agrees to Leslie’s challenge of who can shoot more birds. The two split up and not long after, we hear a loud shot, Ron shout, and it’s revealed Ron has been shot in the head. Leslie claims responsibility for shooting Ron to protect a fellow Parks employee, prompting Ron, in the end, to call her a “Stand-up guy”. Meanwhile back at the Parks Dept. April and Andy bond and potential chemistry is sparked when April gives Andy multiple hickeys to make Ann jealous.

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Hunting Trip (S2E10)

Hunting Trip (S2E10)

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