DiscoverMultiple OsHyper-femme superhero alter ego with artist Lois Weaver
Hyper-femme superhero alter ego with artist Lois Weaver

Hyper-femme superhero alter ego with artist Lois Weaver

Update: 2021-05-27


Mentioned spontaneously by two prior guests in this very podcast series, the influential and pioneering performance artist and professor Lois Weaver needs no introduction. Yet Oriana provides a very lengthy one at the start of this interview with Weaver in which they discuss her alter ego, Tammy Whynot, who decided to stop being a country and western singer in order to start being a lesbian performance artist. In Weaver’s own words, Tammy’s “sense of wonder and her ability to fail gloriously and without shame were her superpowers. Tammy’s wisdom of ‘why not?’ gave the definition she had been searching for: resistant femme = a highly competent woman who just looks like she needs help.” Having performed the role of resistant femme (among others) for decades now, Weaver shares her thoughts on femininity; falling in love (with your work); the challenges of autobiographical performance; Split Britches’ most recent piece Last Gasp; public engagement; orgasms into later life; and finally retiring on the topic of retirement.

Oriana Fox is a London-based, New York-born artist with a PhD in self-disclosure. She puts her expertise to work as the host of the talk show performance piece The O Show.

Lois Weaver is the director and co-founder (with long-time collaborator Peggy Shaw) of the company Split Britches, which among many accolades, won the Innovative Theatre Awards (USA) Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award in 2017. So many awards! In 2014 she was a Guggenheim fellow in 2014 and shortly thereafter a Wellcome Trust Engaging Science Fellow. She got the WOW Women in Creative Industries ‘Fighting the Good Fight’ award in 2018. And, the honours keep rolling in... Most recently in 2021 Split Britches’ theatre-piece-cum-zoom-film Last Gasp has been nominated for the Drama League award for Outstanding Digital Production. Not even a pandemic can stop this woman from being creative. Weaver is also a professor of contemporary performance at Queen Mary University of London. She also pioneered a form of public engagement called the long table


  • Hosted, edited and produced by Oriana Fox
  • Post-production mixing by Stacey Harvey
  • Themesong written and performed by Paulette Humanbeing
  • Special thanks to Charlotte Troy, Katie Beeson, Janak Patel, Sven Olivier Van Damme and the Foxes and Hayeses.

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Hyper-femme superhero alter ego with artist Lois Weaver

Hyper-femme superhero alter ego with artist Lois Weaver

Oriana Fox with guest Lois Weaver