DiscoverFLAT CHAT WRAPHyperbole Towers – an audio strata sitcom
Hyperbole Towers – an audio strata sitcom

Hyperbole Towers – an audio strata sitcom

Update: 2020-08-18


It’s here! The long-awaited podcom (podcast sitcom) set in a dysfunctional apartment block’s strata committee is live and ready for your ears.

The premise of this audio comedy, Hyperbole Towers, is as simple as it’s believable. The strata scheme has, thanks to a stuff-up by the secretary, accidentally changed its by-laws so that they MUST hold their meetings on Zoom (rather than CAN do so).

Add in characters who work from home in their underwear, use “you’re breaking up” as their fall-back get-out-of-jail card and get involved in the usual committee power struggles, and you have a potent recipe for some serious fun.

The Cast and crew (minus one) rehearse Hyperbole Towers

The Hyperbole Towers characters are:

* Charlie, the long-suffering chairwoman* Alfie the manipulative and scheming building manager* Brooke the hopeless secretary* Steve, the committee treasurer who sees everything in terms of money* Wendy a do-gooder who is also a nasty gossip and a racist  * Joe a class warrior retiree for whom nothing is Left-wing enough (until it affects his hip pocket)* Damien a manic day trader for whom the committee is his only social contact* Amber a "massage therapist" who says it as she sees it

There is also a cameo guest appearance by star of stage and screen Todd McKenney, adding some pizzazz to the proceedings.

The Story

The Hyperbole Towers committee is in online crisis meetings to discuss the potential conversion of their former meeting room turned commercial space into a day spa … or is it a massage parlour?

Meanwhile, constant thumping sounds, morning noon and night, are driving everyone mad, especially since building manager Alfie seems very reluctant to do anything about it.

This is a classic radio sitcom with some very modern themes.  But it’s a work of fiction and any similarity to anyone living or deceased is purely coincidental, and the nature of apartment living.

In other words, if you think you recognise yourself or your neighbours, you don’t.

And if you enjoyed it, please, please, please share it with your friends and fellow strata dwellers and professionals through this link, and encourage them to do the same.

If we can find an audience, there will be more, we promise.


Hyperbole Towers featured Tsu Shan Chambers,  Valentino Arico, Amelia Conway, Eveline Schubert, Michelle Rouady, Robin Queree, Matias Klaver and David MacPhail. It was narrated and directed by Warren Coleman.

The podcom was written and produced by Jimmy Thomson and Warren Coleman. Audio editing and effects were by Sydney Sound Brewery under the watchful ear of John Hresc. Phoebe Armstrong was production assistant.

“Hyperbole Towers” is a Flat Chat Production, copyright (2020) Words Worth Pty Ltd.

"Hyperbole Towers" could not have been made without the generousfinancial assistance of City of Sydney Council.

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Hyperbole Towers – an audio strata sitcom

Hyperbole Towers – an audio strata sitcom

Jimmy Thomson & Sue Williams